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  • 27/09/2019 •

    The Place of Sculpture in Daily Life van Thomas Bakker



    Sculpture is in its essence a more truly domestic art than painting, for it is more sensitive to its surroundings. From  Sculpture in the House, essay first published in 1895 by Edmund Gosse (1849-1928)

    Thomas Bakker temporarily resides in the 17th-century townhouse that is used alternately as a shop, home, workshop and exhibition space. With a variety of ideas and materials, Bakker tackles builds his exhibition in … ism project space during one week. The works get their definitive form at the place where they are shown. How formal or informal can an exhibition space be? And what does that do with the objects within the space and the impressions they leave on visitors? During the exhibition, the artist and the visitors look back on the situation that has arisen.


About …ism project space

…ism is a project space for artists with ideas for future work in response to the location of a 17th century townhouse and former billiard and game shop.

Westeinde 31a
2512 GS Den Haag