• 03/09/2017 • 23/10/2017

    Enfant Terrine of Dennis Tyfus

    Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, 1979) is known for an oeuvre that is difficult to categorize. It grows out of the things he finds important and results in a practice that is unceasing. Ranging from drawings, paintings, collages, poems, installations, video’s to magazines and books (published & distributed under his own label Ultra Eczema) to music, vinyl record productions and radio shows on air at Radio Centraal.

    Last year, during our visit to the former convent where Tyfus lives and works, he offered us some insight into his particularly versatile practice, which encompasses a great variety of materials and media, including the granite memorial stone stating ‘Here Lies Dennis Tyfus’, which was to be installed on the facade under Tyfus’ bedroom window on the day of our visit.

    Tyfus is simultaneously an outcast and a unifying factor in the Antwerp art scene. He uses the record label Ultra Eczema as a vehicle for all sorts of collaborations with a range of artists and musicians, that causes uncertainty when it comes to position his work for both the art world professionals as for the wider audience. His work often hovers in the grey area between arts, city life and popular culture as the context for his work. Through these unexpected moves the works have an even stronger impact on us.

    An example of this is the video piece ‘Gargles from Ipanema’, which he developed for the Mechelen-Nekkerpoel train station and featured an aged woman, dancing erotically on sultry muzak. The work lead to such controversy and complaints by commuters, that it was removed shortly after its installment.

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