Grafische Werkplaats

  • 06/03/2020 •

    Slechte Verhalen Fikken Niet

    with Cedric ter Bals, Nina van Dijk, Romy Muijrers, Boris Windmeijer and Christiaan Schoonenberg

    Groupexhibition: Slechte Verhalen Fikken Niet

    With artists Cedric ter Bals, Nina van Dijk, Romy Muijrers and Boris Windmeijer, and theologican/philosopher Christiaan Schoonenberg.

    In Slechte Verhalen Fikken Niet four artists and one theologian/philosopher create a story in which they interpret the narrative in the broadest sense of the word. Coming from various disciplines, they each tell their tale from their personal archives. We expect an interesting and in-depth exhibition due to the narrative as a connecting factor and the curiosity of the artists for new graphic techniques. In preperation for this exhibition, the artists can work free of charge in the Grafische Werkplaats and are basic materials reimbursed.


About Grafische Werkplaats

De Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag  is a production workshop for visual artists, graphic artists, photographers and designers. The Werkplaats is known for being one of the few places in the Netherlands with facilities for large format screen printing, lithography, etching, relief printing and textile printing. The Werkplaats regularly organizes workshops, exhibitions and special projects.

Prinsegracht 16
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