Grafische Werkplaats

  • 24/05/2019 •

    Follow Analog, Analog Textile revisited

    by Lidewij Corstiaans, Daniel Henry, Irene van Ophoven, Annika Syrjämäki en Ilse Versluijs

    An exhibition about textile design and art with  Lidewij Corstiaans, Daniel Henry, Irene van Ophoven, Annika Syrjämäki en Ilse Versluijs.

    In the project Follow Analog, we follow artists that were part of the succesful bianual Analog Festival at Grafische Werkplaats. The artists and designers that are part of this exhibition followed the masterclass by Daniel Henry in 2014, as part of Analog Textile Festival. The focuspoint of the masterclass was the printing on- and working with textile in different ways.

    Now, in 2019, we look back and look forward. We discover the value of the graphic printing techniques in the works by the contributing artists and reflect the role of Analog Festival. The artists show a mix of old and new work, of which some were created at the Grafische Werkplaats, once again.

    Extra: live t-shirt silkscreen in Grafische Werkplaats

    Bring your own T-shirt and we silkscreen it for you bij the participants of the exhibition. Btetween 8-10 pm .

About Grafische Werkplaats

De Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag  is a production workshop for visual artists, graphic artists, photographers and designers. The Werkplaats is known for being one of the few places in the Netherlands with facilities for large format screen printing, lithography, etching, relief printing and textile printing. The Werkplaats regularly organizes workshops, exhibitions and special projects.

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