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    Kim Boske


    Kim Boske creates a new reality in her work, where she brings together multiple perspectives in one image. At first sight, her work looks like an impressionist landscape. The scenic and dreamy look of the work carries the viewer along to an almost fairy-tale world. Unique in her work is the apparent contradiction between the soft look of the image and the use of the photographic medium which is used to create razor-sharp images.

    Kim composes her work by capturing different moments in time of the same image. In this way, time is not only an instrument to create the image, but also the subject of her research. The result of this process is a collection of images through time, which together form a new image. This constructed image could never exist but is made visible through layered fragments of time. During the exhibition, a special, limited edition print will be available.

    Kim Boske (Hilversum, 1978) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her work was shown at leading international museums, including the FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam, MAM Moscow and the Dutch Photography Museum in Rotterdam.

  • Kim Boske

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