Livingstone Gallery

  • 03/06/2018 • 22/07/2018

    James Brown, Theo Eissens en Nadja Schöllhammer

    James Brown(USA/F/MEX) Orbs, views from my other House, paintings, sculptures
    Theo Eissens(NL/D) Linea Recta, from A to B, paintings, works on panel
    Project-room: Nadja Schöllhammer(D) Works on paper, in cooperation with Papierbiënnale Museum Rijswijk

About Livingstone Gallery

Livingstone gallery International contemporary art – young art in context Livingstone gallery was established in 1991 and focuses on contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture of international significance. An important priority is the discovery and advancement of young artists. The gallery always works closely together with its artists for exhibitions and has published a large number of books, catalogs and special editions. The gallery is represented yearly at many international and local art fairs, including Art Rotterdam and PULSE New York. Livingstone gallery is a member of the Dutch Gallery Association (NGA) and the Dutch Association for the Original Print (VOG). The gallery is also part of The Hague Contemporary and Art Walk With Me. The gallery is a participant in the Kunstkoop program of the Mondriaan Fund. With more than 25 years of experience Livingstone gallery continues to confront the new with the established, searching continuity and the experiment.

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