• 27/09/2019 •


    The alley as analogue video game settting number 16 featuring a combination of typical old school elements in a narrow space ..

    Live Music by Poison lolly, Pantserfabriek, Feedback Society Xavier van Wersch and live Dinner from Daniele Valentino and possibly Jack Bardwell if we are lucky

About Refunc

Refunc is providing a second life for found or thrown-away objects. We operate on the borders of architecture, art and design and create new products from old materials. Origin for designs are found in the object itself, by listening to its own composition, history, or local and social context. We do not start from a design, we need a problem to play with. 3D troubleshooting and creative improvisation with locally available waste materials lead the way to our often unpredictable results. Wherever you can find garbage, we do research and workshops on creative recycling.

Spui 229a
2511 BP Den Haag