• 06/03/2020 •

    Intergalactic Environmentalists Exhibition (#1)

    We are Intergalactic Environmentalists, a group of creators that combine art, design, activism and/or science to address environmentalist issues and themes. We aim at starting a new wave of environmental thinking that includes Earth and beyond, as humankind is on the verge of expanding their sphere of influence into the universe.

    The Intergalactic Environmentalists Exhibition (#1) will include the work of several artists that have a unique angle, motivation or approach, and together, they represent the story of the Intergalactic Environmentalist, an inquiry concerning the relationship between humankind and its environment. Their story will be told in the shape of an exhibition, performance, artist talks, and audio/visual presentations.


About Trixie

Trixie introduces herself as a brand new artist-run space located in the Stationsbuurt, neighboring the red light district of The Hague. Our building consists of an open and dynamic exhibition space with huge windows and shiny mirrors, including fifteen studios, currently hosting seventeen young artists/designers who work towards establishing a firm base for their artistic career. Trixie has an eye for recent graduates and invites diverse groups of artists to experiment with alternative presentation strategies and expand their practice.

Scheldestraat 1
2515TA Den Haag