• 24/05/2019 •

    Perforating Trixie

    with: Jolanda Jansen, Philemon Mukarno, Sandra Stanionyte, Yvette Teeuwen / Krijtman, Andrea van Gelder.


    Savage occupation by primordial, bizarre, poetic, juicy live art acts.

    Feel like a performer? bring material, jump in!

About Trixie

Trixie introduces herself as a brand new artist-run space located in the Stationsbuurt, neighboring the red light district of The Hague. Our building consists of an open and dynamic exhibition space with huge windows and shiny mirrors, including fifteen studios, currently hosting seventeen young artists/designers who work towards establishing a firm base for their artistic career. Trixie has an eye for recent graduates and invites diverse groups of artists to experiment with alternative presentation strategies and expand their practice.

Scheldestraat 1
2515TA Den Haag