twelve twelve gallery

  • 08/06/2018 •

    Past in Particles

    by Imran Channa

    Imran Channa investigates our collective memory to map or retrace the past and shape our identities in the present. He draws historic events, especially those from his homeland Pakistan, which have disappeared from the archives.

About twelve twelve gallery

twelve twelve gallery opened its doors for the first time in September 2016. Silvia Bakker, gallery owner worked for 5 years as an artist. After that period she made the decision to create a platform for her colleagues. The artists that she works with in the gallery create in a way that she recognizes herself. The gallery has twelve shows a year, with a main focus to show conceptual and engaged art. Silvia is convinced that art has to contribute a better world, in different ways. The solid base of artists from Holland to Zimbabwe and Syria make you appreciate, motivate and aware of social issues. Through the art the gallery wants you to connect, motivate and to make you aware of contemporary issues. Their goal is not only to symbolically create a dialogue but to contribute in material terms.

Prinsestraat 53
2513 CB Den Haag