West Museumkwartier

  • 08/06/2018 •

    Always Rings Twice van Gary Hill

    Exhibition at 2 locations


    Gary Hill (1951, Santa Monica, USA) often viewed as one of the most important artists of his generation and has been working since the early 1970s on a broad range of media including sculpture, sound, video, installation and performance. West is proud to present the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands since 25 years.
    Hill presents multilayered investigations into the phenomenological nature of how we perceive the world through a network of visual, aural and linguistic signals. Exploring the cognitive and sensorial conditions that underlie our discursive modes of communication, Hill experiments with the material and sonic properties of language to offer provocative meditations upon the production of meaning within our everyday contexts, as well as highly personal poetic spaces. His works are characterised by their experimental rigor, imaginative leaps, and conceptual precision.

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