West Den Haag

  • 29/11/2019 •

    Alphabetum V: The Typotectural Suites - Richard Niessen

    Three exhibitions:

    Symptom Bauhaus
    Tehching Hsieh: Time-Life
    Alphabetum IV: Laws of Form

    And opening of exhibtion: Alphabetum V: The Typotectural Suites – Richard Niessen

    From towers built from language to a readable city, and from letters as a map to a brick alphabet, in ‘The Typotectural Suites’ (an important ‘space’ in The Palace of Typographic Masonry) language solidifies into immutable structures, playful boxes of blocks and habitable capitals that are registered in a spatial library. The opening of the exhibition at 20:00 hours is also part of the festival The Other Book.

About West Den Haag

West shows contemporary art in the former American embassy (designed by Marcel Breuer) in the heart of The Hague museum district. West, as an art institute, focuses on the most relevant international developments in the field of the visual arts. West offers artists space and opportunities to develop new work in a social context by situating it in a wider dialogue. Lectures, presentations, performances and discussions underpin the exhibition policy with a theoretical basis. A series of brochures, documentaries and the website complete the activities that bring the different aspects of West together.

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