Parts Project

  • 04/11/2018 • 23/12/2018

    Act II: Archipelago — A Problem (On Exactitude in Science)

    From September to December 2018, Tlön Projects ( will temporarily be housed at the Toussaintkade 49 for the launch of its satellite program by means of two exhibitions.

    Anna Betbeze, Karl Blossfeldt, Etienne Chambaud, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Cevdet Erek, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Irene Kopelman, Gabriel Kuri, Nicolás Lamas, Jochen Lempert, Benoît Maire, Jean Painlevé, Oscar Santillán, Michael E. Smith, Francisco Tropa, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Jorinde Voigt; Curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk

    The exhibition Archipelago — A Problem (On Exactitude in Science) centres around a fictitious, mental archipelago where a group of mathematicians, geologists, cartographers and other scientists try to index the measurable facets and phenomenological manifestations that they uncover during their research expedition. As the unprecedented landscape is subject to constant change and fluctuations, the advanced instruments with which the research group is equipped prove to be unsuited to recording and documenting their observations and findings accurately. The scientific languages they employed elsewhere do not appear to correspond in any way to their somewhat predetermined, stable patterns of expectation, preconceived knowledges and epistemological registers: the diversity of living conditions and environments found within the archipelago appears so diverse and unstable that every island seems to require its own individual linguistic and scientific approach. To this end they decide to develop a new compendium entitled The Sea Island Mathematical Manual in order to do justice to a world of constant change using a series of SFs (science fact, science fiction, speculative fabulation, so far).

Over Parts Project

Stichting Parts Project programmeert vanuit het perspectief van verzamelaars. Hun ontdekkingen zie je in ons programma. Verzamelaars kijken veel en zien veel. Ze maken ongedwongen en vaak eigenzinnige keuzes. PARTS programmeert vanuit die bijzondere keuzes en neemt ontdekkingen, meningen en ervaringen van verzamelaars als startpunt voor een tentoonstelling. PARTS is een particulier initiatief en wil niet alleen het Nederlandse kunstenveld verbreden, maar ook verzamelaars motiveren om hun collectie en gedrevenheid te delen.

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