On Friday 27 November you can visit Hoogtij online from 7 p.m. Each participant makes a film especially for this evening, which can be viewed below at the locations. You can find here also more info about the video and/or exhibition. 

Extra at 7-7.30 PM: live interview at Instagram with Heske Ten Cate and the artists of the expo Some World Futures in Nest.
Extra: satelliet expo:


  1. …ism project space
  2. Æther Haga
  3. Galerie Maurits van de Laar
  4. Grafische Werkplaats
  5. Heden
  6. Helena
  7. Hok Gallery
  8. Maldoror Galerie
  9. Nest
  10. Parts Project
  11. Projektruimte West end
  12. Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.
  13. Refunc
  14. Ruimtevaart
  15. Satelliet Location: Maakhaven
  16. Sophie
  17. The Balcony
  18. TV04
  19. West Den Haag