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    Urban Legend # 7 Una Hamilton Helle

    Baracca is in the neigbourhood of  the Grafische Werkplaats, Prinsegracht 16.

    It was said that witches could be weighed to ascertain whether they were light enough to fly a broomstick. Alongside grain, vegetables and meat, women were lifted onto the scales of the weighing house. If they were too heavy they were acquitted but if too light, their sentence was brought down on them by the weight of indisputable proof.

    Hosted on the quayside of Den Haag, an entry point to the city where travellers were warned against dissent and troublemaking by the sight of public hangings, is Heksenkeet. From inside the wagon emits garbled spells, glossolalia and cackling incantations. Heksenkeet is an audial embodiment of the shapeshifting figure of the witch, an exploration of a figure held hostage by the public imagination through the centuries.

    Una Hamilton Helle is an artist, curator and art worker based between London and Oslo. Her practice uses images, audio, installation and collaborative workshops to explore empathy, embodiment and our relationship to both human and non human entities. Her most recent projects include curating the touring exhibition Waking the Witch and arts, nature and music publication Becoming the Forest.

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