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  • 09/03/2018 •


    Moose Space introduces the new project Passive Activists. From a black box video art is presented, made by a generation of video artists living and working all over the world with a certain activist but passively rebellious character.

    From a deeply rooted urgency to unite and reveal art with a certain activist but passively rebellious character through a fresh manifestation: the project ‘Passive Activists’ has been formulated. In 2018, Moose Space opens its doors to public debate on the basis of presented work by young artists worldwide. The concept was developed through a critical approach to contemporary video art. A striking common denominator is making (mis) interpretations and hypothetical associations about global issues and the comparison with their own position therein. Social control, rights, war, (un) equality, utopias and power structures are subjects that are frequently used in an often very original way. Multiple use is made of existing work, often translated as found footage and bitter seriousness is often combined with irony and humor. Despite the many interfaces of certain video art, there is a lot of diversity and originality so that an accurate selection of artworks can be interesting and relevant together. The artists who have been selected live and work thousands of kilometers away from each other within their own typical systems. It can be said that the medium of video art was the muse in the formation of the project.

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