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  • 28/09/2018 •

    Passive Activists III

    Film- and Video-art



    During Hoogtij 54 Moose Space will be the start location, so from 18″ there will be vegan Turkish lentel soup made by the recent KABK-graduate and former intern Berk Duygun, which came out as the winner of the soups during the local dinners this August. The founder of Moose Space, Charlotte van Winden, decided to quit the rent of the space to focus on new challenges (as artist and initiator/curator) and therefore this will be Moose’ last Hoogtij!

    The project Passive Activists will present the final edition of a series of three (all in 2018: March, June, September) which was supported by Stroom Den Haag and by the Broedplaatsenbeleid of Gemeente Den Haag. Especially for this final edition we will present a publication (print) with contributions by all the artists of Passive Activists. Small edition, reservations possible:

    Video screening:
    A selection of video art is partly created out an open call (global) and by a secure selection. The The Hague artist Roel van Heesch will show his recent video work he made on his travels in Asia. All the names of the video artists that will be presented at Passive Activists III are:

    Joacélio Batista, Roel van Heesch, Leslie Johnson + Smrit Mehra + Chinar Shah, Piotr Krzymowski, Ole Madsen, Milan Samardzic, Weigang Song, Charlotte van Winden, Luca Lobel di Zappa

    Passive Activists:
    “In the beginning of this year I wrote a concept out of a rooted urgency to unite and reveal video art with a certain activist but passively rebellious character through a fresh manifestation: the project ‘Passive Activists’ was formulated. I concentrated on the similarities within my own generation worldwide – working with video or film, in sufficient width, and tried to capture that in the project Passive Activists.” – Charlotte van Winden

    After the first edition it was such a round whole, that there was the urge to stirr it a bit with the so-called “healthy intercuts” in the form of talks and performances in stead of the cinema setting of the first edition. After this interim earthquake new lines are formed: online lines, lines on paper, bound on history and forced to document.

    To close this passive but turbulent project Moose Space will open its doors for the final series, the printed video art and one or two wanted videos from earlier editions this year.

    All Passive Activists, video artists/film makers: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Joacélio Batista, Maarten Bel (performance), Lou Buche, Jesse Budel, Alli Coates, Roel van Eijk, Niamh Farrelly, Helen Anna Flanagan, Roel van Heesch, Leslie Johnson, Lola Gonzales, Jefferson Kielwagen, Piotr Krzymowski, Adrian Lee, Ole Madsen, Armani Mahmoudzadeh, Smrit Mehra, Belle Phromchanya, Signe Pierce, Milan Samardzic, Mauricio Sanhueza, Kim Schonewille, Marcos Serafim, Chinar Shah, Rustan Söderling, Weigang Song, Gala Tellechea Velez (performance talk), Yordi Vieyte, Anna Sophie de Vries, Charlotte van Winden, Luca Lobel di Zappa

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