• 24/05/2019 •


    How often do you encounter wild bees, wood lice, ants or moths during an art route through The Hague? Probably more often than you realise, but you simply don’t notice them. In Het Nutshuis at the moment, you simply can’t avoid this creepy-crawly foursome. Six Graphic Design students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague – Sacha van Alfen, Eva Maria Horvath, Fien Leeflang, Ruben Tom Visser, Denise Jansen and Laura Brouwer – have created four interactive installations for the Urban bugs exhibition. Texts, pictures and assignments playfully explain how vital these tiny creatures are to life in the city.

    But Het Nutshuis isn’t just welcoming wild bees, wood lice ants and moths. The Hague-based artist Hans Eijkenboom has built an enormous insect hotel in the Nutshuis garden, where a wide diversity of urban bugs can come and ‘chill’. Insects from way beyond The Hague also make an appearance in this exhibition. Sonologist Yvonne Freckman recorded insect sounds on the borders of South-Africa and Botswana for her audio-installation Sonic Savannah.

    During a film screening by TransitieCinema in Het Nutshuis on Friday 24 May, the exhibition will be open in a modified form during Hoogtij.


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