• 08/06/2018 •

    Zegels & Pegels

    Interactive exhibition about 200 years Haagse Nutsspaarbank (sat. and sun. closed)

    Zegels & Pegels is an interactive exhibition for the whole family, providing a unique peek behind the scenes of The Hague’s Nutsspaarbank. This year, it’s exactly two hundred years since the bank, which gave rise to Fonds 1818, was established. As the former head office, Het Nutshuis in The Hague is the perfect place to celebrate this special anniversary by putting on a unique exhibition.
    Once you’re in, you can explore all the rooms and areas that used to be strictly out of bounds to the public. The further you descend into the building, the more banking secrets you will uncover. From bank benches and bank robberies, to rolls of banknotes in heavily armoured safes and strange objects left in public safety deposit boxes. History buffs will enjoy the unique historical archive material, black-and-white photos, films and authentic collectors’ items that bring the memories of bygone generations to life.

    Only open at friday!

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