• 27/09/2019 •

    film and performance about dying alone

    Young or old, living in isolation or surrounded by loved ones; everyone can feel lonely or alone at some time in their life. In the exhibition Solo&Happy?!, photographers Sanne Gielens and Naomi Harris, podcast maker Lotte van Gaalen and artist Minsook Kang portray a range of different people from in and outside The Hague, all of whom are alone and/or lonely – either because they have chosen to be, because of their circumstances, or simply because that’s how life turned out. The exhibition will be open all evening during Hoogtij.

    The artist Minsook Kang (1985), born in South Korea and now residing in The Hague, will give live performances to accompany her exhibit The Loner’s Funeral. Moved by the story of a man from Rotterdam who died alone, Minsook decided to explore what it is like to die alone in the Netherlands. In her multimedia installation, she takes visitors on a journey through some of her discoveries and observations.

    In the Film Vault, there will be two screenings of Poule des Doods (2012, 49 min.) This highly acclaimed documentary by Astrid Bussink portrays famous poets, including F. Starik, Menno Wigman (both of whom died in spring 2018) and Maria Barnas. Together, they formed the ‘Poule des Doods’ and composed special poems to help pave the lonely way to the grave for the people who died alone.

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