• 30/11/2018 •

    My human rights hero

    70 years universal declaration of human rights

    Who is your human rights hero, and why? This is the question we asked various inspirational people from very different walks of life. Artist Julia Brants depicted their answers through unique portraits created by photographer Gregor Servais.

    From 18 December onwards, the  exhibition will be supplemented with work created by four graduation students from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague for their own annual exhibition.

    Specially for Hoogtij, as a prelude, Caspar Eugen, Indra Gleizde, Jill Verweijen  and Daniela Rosca will speak about Nelson Mandela’s famous handshake, hidden feminism in the world of undertakers, the person behind the activist and digital resources in the fight for human rights (20.00 and 21.30).


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