• 02/02/2023 •

    The Chiral Gate - Paul DD Smith

    Stepping through The Chiral Gate, we get a look into the man-made world of vivariums and terrariums, where animals live under the control of humans and humans play God.

    Paul’s exhibition introduces you to a population of creeping and crawling creatures, who each carry the ability to both impregnate and bear children. In his paintings, installations and sculptures, the artist combines ideas related to asexual reproduction and hermaphroditism to ornament and symbolism from Christian mythology. This way, Paul’s work stimulates an exploration of current prevalent notions of sexuality, gender and power, with the intention to open up new ways of thinking.



About 1646

1646 is an experimental art space in the center of The Hague. Their exhibition program shows innovative artistic practices, inviting local and international artists to make new work. Working with artists who approach complex ideas and life questions by means of fiction, humor, lots of color and play, 1646 introduces you to another way of seeing, to imagine the world differently, while embracing and celebrating the complexity of life with an open attitude. With a focus on solo projects, 1646 offers an in-depth perspective of the artist’s practice before it’s on view in big museums and exhibitions all around the world. Their experimental and free public program is dedicated to giving the artist and the visitor the trust, means and space for experiment, conversation and connection.

Boekhorststraat 125
2512 CN Den Haag