• 04/03/2022 •

    Kafka for Kids and The Dust Channel - Roee Rosen

    For his solo exhibition at 1646, Rosen deals with and questions the normative implications that come with desire and structural violence. But he does so through humor and poetic surprises. His newest film Kafka for Kids takes the shape of a musical pilot episode of a television series that aims to make Kafka’s tales palpable for toddlers. With these stories’ protagonists including Franz Kafka’s vermin called Samsa, a toy orchestra and The Bearer of Bad News, the film shows the complex and troubling ways of growing up under military law in occupied territories. Certain questions arise on both an emotional and imaginary level, as well as on a legal and political one. What is a child? Until when does a child remain a child?

About 1646

1646 is an artist initiative / project space in the center of The Hague. 1646 focuses on exchanges between local, national and international artists and artist initiatives, and offers a platform for discussion, research, production and presentation of autonomous visual art. 1646 is run by Johan Gustavsson (Sweden), Clara Palli Monguilod (Spain).

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