• 24/05/2024 •

    Uncle Tahar’s hidden travel agency - Chris Frieswijk, Chris Dunnink, Marianne Bos, Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn 

    “Uncle Tahar’s hidden travel agency” The elderly and hospitable Tahar welcomes couch-surfers from all over the world into his apartment in the north of Tunis. He offers the backpackers who visit him a place to rest, free of charge, and shows them the true face of Tunisia. Cinema Corneroh will screen this Noorderkroon award-winning short documentary by Chris Frieswijk, with camerawork by Chris Dunnink. A short and loving insight into the hobby of this inspiring man. In the Corneroh project space, Marianne and Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn will build a replica of Tahar’s living room, that is waiting for visitors to come and colour it with their presence. Cinema Corneroh is a couple doors down, in the Lissabon complex at number 98A, where the documentary will be screened in one of the ateliers.

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