• 08/03/2024 •

    Waterflows - Danielle Davidson Timara Zuidwijk Henriette Visser

    Visual artists Daniëlle Davidson and Timara Zuijdwijk, moving in a dress designed by fashion designer Henriette Visser, will take you into a live performance inspired by the many forms of water.   Every 30 minutes a performance in image, sound, movement, ink and water will be shown. Each element is relevant and triggers a response, together they form a story.   From ice to meltwater, seeping water, still water, flowing water, bubbling boiling water, water vapor… Water swirls, flows, ripples, seeps, drips, sometimes it seems to stand still, and yet it is always on the move.   Under the influence of the moon, ebb and flow occur in the water of the seas. Rain showers sometimes bring far too much water, sometimes far too little.   Water can be overwhelming and devastating, making a deep impression. It can also gently tickle, cleanse, or quench thirst. Life arises where water is. Water always looks for the easiest way, flows where it can go whether we want it or not.   Water also flows within us. On Friday, March 8, we focus on the feminine element in each of us, woman, man, human.  How do you connect with the feminine side within yourself? Where does it flow in you?

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