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  • 03/09/2022 • 23/10/2022

    (、ン、) - Alexandre Lavet

    Alexandre Lavet
    03 Sep – 23 Oct

    Alexandre Lavet’s work constantly seems to hover on the verge of presence and disappearance. He plays with the apparent homogeneity of exhibition spaces to uncover the details that mark the uniqueness and specificity of each place. It is these particularities that Lavet wants to bring to light, thereby slowing down the viewers’ gaze and making them more aware of their surroundings.

    For (、ン、), his second solo exhibition at Dürst Britt & Mayhew Lavet proposed to relocate all the packed artworks from the gallery’s storage to the main exhibition space. By this intervention he allows the audience to enter an environment full of ‘sleeping’ artworks, a moment of stasis, and of anticipation of what is hiding in the crates and bubblewrap. The exhibition space has been darkened and in some places resembles the artist’s own bedroom: the walls have a similar colour and mouldings and even the cling on the entrance door has been replicated. Piles of literature about sleeping and rest are strewn throughout the space and the artist’s custom made pajamas are lying about. Drawings of cartoon characters at rest are placed on top of some of the artworks. When one listens carefully one can hear the muffled sounds of the outside world as if in a state between sleeping and waking, between dreaming and reality. 

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