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  • 28/04/2024 • 15/06/2024

    Pilgrim discovering another world - Paul Beumer

    For his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery Dürst Britt & Mayhew is proud to show a selection of textile works by Dutch artist Paul Beumer. This selection consists of works from when the artist first traveled to Asia in 2015, up to now. The exhibition will not so much form a retrospective, but act as an opportunity for Beumer\’s pieces to interweave and enter into dialogue. Each of the works in the exhibition was made with a different technique or fabric, depending on where the artist found himself at the moment of creation. After his residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam Beumer has never constricted himself to the confines of a studio practice. For his research into the history and usage of fabrics and fibres within non-western cultures he has lived and worked in China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and most recently India. Each of these locations has led to distinct series of works, which are now shown together for the first time. The exhibition will also premiere new pieces made in Sri Lanka and India.

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