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  • 27/03/2024 • 01/06/2024

    WALLPOWER - o.a. Rinske Former, Daan den Houter, Marc Kuyper, Viviane Sassen, Margriet Smulders, Suzie van Staaveren, Piet Warffemius en Hans Wilschut.

    Art for home

    How to give your interior a powerful upgrade? With art on the wall. With a unique work by a leading visual artist, you add atmosphere and character to your living, bedroom and study. Only then will you realise how dull these blank spaces used to be. This exhibition celebrates the WALLPOWER of art in all its manifestations: from photography and painting to graphic work, both abstract and figurative.


    At Heden, you can rent a work of art from as little as € 8.75 a month. Borrowing art from Heden has major advantages: you don’t have to spend a large amount of money in one go and you are free to try some out. Do you not like a work of art as much as you hoped? Then you can easily exchange it for another work. Would you rather buy it? That is also possible. At Heden, works are available in all price categories. Choice overload? Heden’s staff members are ready to help you. They provide personal advice to find the artwork that’s just right for you. Whether you are enthusiastic about black-and-white photographs, such as those by Nico Jesse and Lonneke de Groot, or colourful landscapes, such as Oase (2003) by Margot de Jager and The Silent March (2011) by Sarah Carlier, or prefer to look at the abstract lines by Linda Arts and Piet Dieleman: in Wallpower you will find something to suit you.


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