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    Indrinken met GMFD

    van Gabriela Galeano Bartes, Laila van Berge, Sara Ceruti, Ioanna Ciora, Tina Jeranko, Luuk Kuipers, Saulé Noreikaitè, Constantijn Scholten, Sophie Schulte en Oscar Juul Sørensen.

    New adress: Reinwardtstraat 41!

    Laila van Berge (NL)
    Being a star in your industry is a matter of myth. I play around in the absurd ordinary, in a field of belief and desire. I observe the dialogue between the contemporary common sense and the classical iconography, examining the tension between tradition and trend. Hereby I am focussing on virtues and standards expressed in idols and icons, that are shaped by cliches and stereo- or archetypes. http://www.lailavanberge.nl

     Sara Ceruti (IT)
    I am a multidisciplinary artist with a strong interest in collaborative and participatory projects. My work takes shape in a visual manner, often rising from creative practices like dance, theatre, music, and ritualism. Every piece therefore contains traces and suggestions of performativity. Feeding an everlasting passion for my Mediterranean culture and traditions, I strive for the survival of a discussion on the exploitation of the existential encounters of the human being who grows his/her identity within a migratory life: the effort put into creating a community, into developing a set of values and into feeding spirituality as articulation of the experience of life. Finally, valorise our own talent of “make do”, reinventing and fend for oneself, which is what makes our nature as humans unrepeatably special. http://www.saraceruti.com 

    Ioana Ciora (RO)
    Subjects as social interactions, from systems to hierarchy, emotional values, from fear to safety, and mocking, from empty words to cultural appropriation, have as a red line my own way of seeing things through a sarcastic point of view. Far from being bitter, I like giving my works a reality check from time to time. I like telling stories, and I recently understood that I should do that more often. Play is a serious matter.

    Gabriela Galeano Batres (HN)
    I like having an extremely staged scenario and make it seem like its just another part of the everyday; routine-like. I started creating as a way to react to my everyday, taking from personal experiences and attempting to reflect them into new actions. Not attached to any form of media, I enjoy finding the material that will bring through my point of view most effectively; recently videoperformance gives me the opportunity to have a visual control over what the audience sees. It is always my intention to bring forth an honest and true point of view.

    Tina Jeranko (SI)
    The work I do lately appears as a performance with recited text; thoughts on what is socially allowed or/and accepted in a specific environment we are in, in a specific culture we are surrounded with. The text being performed becomes physical, becomes one body of few performers, and takes the shape of a play. https://www.jinateranko.com 

    Oscar Juul-Sørensen (DK)
    I wish to shine light on the human emotions; on the neurotic and subconscious flow of thoughts in a cluttered mind that is being controlled and mastered by society in a gridlock of forced ideas of normalcy and rightful existence. The shape of my work vary with each project, and many times a work will stretch across multiple different medias, as I attempt to create an all-encapsulating feeling or separate world, in which the viewer will experience both discovery and disgust. https://nobodyputsbabyinthecorner.com/info 

     Saulė Noreikaitė (LT)
    In my work I blend and blur the knowledge I have from the fields of visual arts and dance. My work often results in participatory performances and/or installations, video works with performative elements. In my practice I am continuously questioning what does it mean to have a body in the 21st century and how one tends to it, takes care of it and makes use out of the physical means of our existence.

     Luuk Kuipers (NL)
    Within my work I try to trust things that are not so clear (anymore) or somehow got lost. For me painting becomes interesting when highly specific paintings and their site are still showing a flexible mentality. http://www.luukkuipers.info 

    Constantijn Scholten (NL)
    I love to work with the given space, the dialogue with this space generates/results in site-specific work. In these spaces I build installations with murals, paintings, sculptures and/or ready-mades. The mundane takes a huge part in my work, I implement this to interfere with the common order of perceiving.

    Sophie Schulte (NL)
    Decaying bodies, boyfriends far far away, and cry worthy political developments, which make me want to cry, but make me sing: my work revolves around the stirring issues I encounter in life. Through recognisable personas and formats – from peepshows to wakes, and from fast food restaurants to TV-shows – these issues aren enlarged until they translate into uncanny scenes (i.e.performative installations). As a believer in that the personal is political, my work is a display of our contemporary world and society – although, maybe for some, a quite alienating one. http://www.sophieschulte.com 

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