Z 98 Gallery

  • 12/11/2022 • 29/12/2022

    Visible Invisibility- Eden Latham, Mattia Papp, Janneke Stofmeel, Niya Tsenkova

    We welcome you in our pop-up location, a gallery and coffee café. We organise events and exhibitions exploring the Timeless.

    98 Gallery is founded by art historian and writer Florentine Mol. She believes art is created to be surrounded by. Therefore, she combines her love for art, mysticism and interior design at 98 Gallery. A space that bridges the gap between young artists and galleries by organizing exhibitions and helping them to grow their network in the artworld and collectors.


About Z 98 Gallery

Z 98 GalleryPiet Heinstraat 96A2518 CL Den Haag NederlandUrl: http://www.98gallery.com

Piet Heinstraat 96A
2518 CL Den Haag