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  • 29/05/2020 • 07/06/2020

    Windowproject of Yvette Teeuwen

    a 1.5 cm proximity experience within the 1.5 m distance society!

    A social art project by visual artist Yvette Teeuwen (concept & executing artist) in collaboration with visual anthropologist Sterre Herstel, which has been honored with the ‘STROOM grant Promise’.
    The project will start at the end of June, but is also intended to link artists to the elderly in isolation in nursing homes: the artist on the outside of a window makes a drawing and the older person follows and draws directly from the inside, with only 1.5 cm glass-transparent distance between them! – making contact, connecting together, and creating a ‘double work of art’.
    In our preview for HOOGTIJ#61(short registration video made by Lisanne Hoogerwerf), Yvette Teeuwen & painter Casper Verborg will make a window artwork ‘from within and from outside’ Heden (Art Library/gallery The Hague) and possibly spontaneously in collaboration with people in the street. This window artwork is on view till Sunday 7 June.

    Photo 1 by Sterre Herstel.    Photo 2 by visual artist FELAH.

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