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  • 03/09/2017 • 29/10/2017

    Jeroen Doorenweerd Meets Gutai

    Don’t Worry the Moon Won’t Fall Down

    Jeroen Doorenweerd Meets Gutai brings together two worlds: those of the Japanese avant-garde group Gutai (1954–1972) and the Dutch artist Jeroen Doorenweerd (1962). Gutai’s performances, installations and exhibitions broke new ground. The artists became known for paintings of which action was an inextricable part: “painting action, not action painting”, they called it. Doorenweerd (b. 1962) feels a kinship with the Japanese group despite the decades and thousands of kilometres between them. Gutai’s mentality and energy mirror his own. For Doorenweerd, a painting is a document of place, time and energy: the result of a “painting action”, a gesture, a state of being that is deeply personal. Jeroen Doorenweerd Meets Gutai features video footage of performances by Gutai artists including Shozo Shimamoto, Kazuo Shiraga and Atsuko Tanaka alongside Doorenweerd’s latest series of paintings, Silverstudio and Pinkorange.


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