Parts Project

  • 17/11/2019 • 26/01/2020

    Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen – The limits of borderlines marginality margins and peripheries

    Parts Project PP-14

    Parts Project presents the work of interdisciplinary artist Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen. He will present the installation ‘The limits of borderlines marginality margins and peripheries’, created especially for the context and space of PARTS Project. Point of departure is his position as an artist: in medias res. The work is part of his all-encompassing search for the essence of things, spaces, and sounds. In this search, a linear narrative lacks as each question raises another.

    The rich and unique oeuvre of Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen (Aalst-Waalre, 1954) spans four decades. At the core of his work lie his metaphysical ideas about the hidden powers in all matter. In his search for the fundamental, he does not limit himself to certain materials, mediums, or disciplines. His body of work includes a.o. music, paintings, sound experiments, video art, and architecture.

    On the occasion of the exhibition Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen releases a 10 inch record as a limited edition on his own label, Cosmic Volume. It will accompany the project publication.


About Parts Project

Parts Project selects and exhibits art from the collectors point of view. We share their discoveries in our gallery. Collectors look at a lot of art – and they view it with keen eyes. They make unforced, often idiosyncratic choices. PARTS bases its programming on those individualistic choices and takes collectors’ discoveries, opinions and experiences as the jumping-off points for all its exhibitions. PARTS is a private initiative. Through its programming, it seeks not only to broaden the Dutch art field but also motivate collectors to share their works and their passion.

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