Parts Project

  • 22/09/2020 • 07/02/2021

    Jos van Merendonk


    Parts Project will be showing a choice of 3 decades of painting by Jos van Merendonk (* 1956 Tilburg) from 22 November to 7 February. From his studio and various collections, 24 works of 1×1 meter have been selected that give a good picture of the surprising and unbridled freedom that Van Merendonk can afford within the series of restrictions imposed on himself. His basic drawing, the square formats and the (only) color green are well known to many art connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

    Jos van Merendonk is both the narrator of a myth and the anthropologist analyzing it. His art involves the equilibrium between two contradictory attitudes. To what extent does he allow unconscious intuition and chance to define the image and where does he end his rational application of a well-known repertoire. Painting and drawing is both subject and tool. His actions are aimed at providing conditions in which a painting can be created that hits the precise moment where seeking and finding coincide.



About Parts Project

Parts Project selects and exhibits art from the collectors point of view. We share their discoveries in our gallery. Collectors look at a lot of art – and they view it with keen eyes. They make unforced, often idiosyncratic choices. PARTS bases its programming on those individualistic choices and takes collectors’ discoveries, opinions and experiences as the jumping-off points for all its exhibitions. PARTS is a private initiative. Through its programming, it seeks not only to broaden the Dutch art field but also motivate collectors to share their works and their passion.

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