Parts Project

  • 06/09/2020 • 01/11/2020

    Disruption as part of the deal- Ewerdt Hilgemann & Diet Sayler in dialogue

    Disruption as part of the deal – Ewerdt Hilgemann & Diet Sayler in dialogue pairs two artists who have been working with strictly geometric shapes for decades: Diet Sayler (Timișoara, 1939) and Ewerdt Hilgemann (Witten, 1938). Through the work they had made earlier, both artists discover a form and process in the eighties that appeals to them to such an extent that this forms the foundation of their art for years to come.

    The nearly obsessive focus on the form and process they discovered is the result of a visual investigation both artists have in common: an investigation into the relationship between the personal and the objective, coincidence and control, sequence and individuality, ratio and intuition. This makes for two fascinating and completely different oeuvres.

About Parts Project

Parts Project selects and exhibits art from the collectors point of view. We share their discoveries in our gallery. Collectors look at a lot of art – and they view it with keen eyes. They make unforced, often idiosyncratic choices. PARTS bases its programming on those individualistic choices and takes collectors’ discoveries, opinions and experiences as the jumping-off points for all its exhibitions. PARTS is a private initiative. Through its programming, it seeks not only to broaden the Dutch art field but also motivate collectors to share their works and their passion.

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