Grey Space

  • 30/06/2018 •

    Performance Site and Cinema platform WYSIWYG

    Two programs, inside: International Live Event Time! of Performance art and it’s context

    “Time!” Is an experience of the moment, it offers a temporary respite, at the hectic pace of modern life and reflects on how we deal with time. You can think about time as an idea, structure, which determines what to do, or consider whether time is something that measures successes and failures. Time is the hallmark of both the beginning and the end of our lives.

    This Hoogtij evening is full of time In the Greyspace. Continuous performance art can be seen throughout the entire space at the Paviljoensgracht 20. Performance art exposed as an exhibition so that you wander with the artists through time.

    participating artists: Larysa Bauge (BY), Cristian Bujold (CA) and Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (NG / UK). Kuba Falkowski (PL), Rose Hoffmann (NL), Meri Hietala (FI), Jolanda Jansen (NL), Graham Martin (UK), Ieva Savickaite (LI), Somer & Meijer (NL), Yvette Teeuwen (NL), Topp & Dubio (NL) ).

    outside: Cinema platform WYSIWYG (‘What You See Is What You Get’) stimulates an alternative cinema culture by exploring film and the many experimental ways of presenting the audiovisual medium. During Hoogtij #55 we put ‘Peek-A-Boo’ on display, a programme that offers every passerby a glimpse into our playful events. Actor and theatre-maker Durk Reitsma and designer Fenna de Jonge construct an intervention that, through its expression, shifts the way we experience the short films we selected for this evening’s sneak peek edition.

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