The Grey Space

  • 08/03/2024 • 04/05/2024

    Open Space: Pensive Vivifier and others.

    Pensive Vivifier is a digital art collective currently consisting of Janne Kosmos and Tes Wolters Bos. Their practice is always expanding and incorporating new elements and disciplines to reflect on identity, transformation and the fragmented and saturated world on our screens. Fluid movement, intuition and curiosity guides them to combine installations, videos, music compositions and performances. All that surrounds us can become part of accelerated rhythms, loops and collages in which they channel the excitement and anxiety, rawness and excess around us. Their sources are footage hijacked from TikTok, YouTube, PrnHb, books or from everyday life. Pensive Vivifier joins the Open Space residency program at The Grey Space, in which they will develop their practice by exploring the merging of the physical and the digital through performative live collages. Their residency is presented as a public exhibition and at Hoogtij their residency kicks off with a performative program.

    Extra: performance van Pensive, at 20.30 and 22.00.

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