…ism project space

  • 27/11/2020 • 29/11/2020

    Spatium by Sjimmie Veenhuis

    Sjimmie Veenhuis (1984) creates transformative installations in which he uses everyday materials in their original form. At …ism project space, Veenhuis created a spatial  installation in which he tests his work against the current reality. Without denying his own language, material and art practice, Veenhuis investigates what  is still possible in a one-and-a-half-meter society. The concept of safety is central in both practical and substantive terms.

    The installation ‘SPATIUM’ is directive, monumental, safe, formal and it makes optimal use of the given space and in-between space of …ism. Is it possible to create an installation in which the current measures are honored without safety facilitating a dead end to predictability?

    During the online edition of Hoogtij, the exhibition will therefore also be visited offline Hoogtij on 27-28-29 November.

    Friday 27 November from 7 to 11 pm (during Hoogtij art tour)

    Saturday 28 November from 1 to 6:00 pm

    Sunday 29 November from 1 to 6:00 pm

About …ism project space

…ism is a project space for artists with ideas for future work in response to the location of a 17th century townhouse and former billiard and game shop.

Westeinde 31a
2512 GS Den Haag