Stroom Den Haag

  • 25/02/2023 • 02/07/2023

    Positions: Elsewheres - Andrius Arutiunian, Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska, Iliada Charalambous, Anastastija (Nastija) Kiake, and Narges Mohammadi

    Group exhibition featuring works that focus on locations elsewhere and that challenge the viewer to think about alternative forms of citizenship. at 20 hrs tour bij Lua Vollaard.


About Stroom Den Haag

Stroom Den Haag (an independent foundation founded in 1990) is an art center with a wide range of activities. Starting from the visual arts, architecture, urban planning and design the program focuses on the urban environment.Stroom’s policy is not committed to any particular movement. The centre is open to everyone with stimulating ideas or a need for information regarding art and the urban environment. It aims at being a hospitable and stimulating platform. Starting from this mentality Stroom, in collaboration with other institutions, wants to contribute to the permanent development of the reflection on the city and the part that can be played by the visual arts in this context.

Hogewal 1-9, 2514 HA
Den Haag