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  • 29/05/2020 •


    Panacea is a publishing project created by Victoria Kieffer in 2018.

    Panacea breaks the intergenerational curse, reveals the family secrets, soothes the nationalist fears, kisses our mothers feet, calls for revolutionary love, communicates with your lost loved ones, braids your hair, feeds the nostalgia, connects East and West.

    The interconnected topics are: Family Stories; Diaspora; Societal & Economic Transition; Domestic work, invisible work; Transmission of knowledge; Superstitions; Self-care, Community care; Resilience, Resistance; Ancestral Medicine; Source of healing power; Paranormal experiment.

    Panacea is a combination of two Greek words: ‘pan’, meaning ‘all’, and ‘akos’, meaning ‘remedy’. It is derived from the Greek ‘panakes’, which means ‘all-healing’. In Greek mythology, Panakeia was the goddess of universal healing; she was believed to have a potion that would cure any sickness or disease.

    The Panacea publishing project so far consists four different books, each one made in a different context: a personal or collective experiment, in collaboration and as a result of workshops.

    Panacea Anthology, publication, 174 pages, 2018-2020.
    Panacea SAW Workshop Edition, fanzine, 32 pages 2019.
    Panacea Castle Edition, participative publication, 37 pages, 2020.
    Panacea Paranormal Family Edition, self publication, 20 pages, 2020.

About Æther Haga

ÆTHER HAGA is a sibling space from ÆTHER SOFIA in Bulgaria and is initiated and curated by artists Marie Civikov and Voin de Voin. Occasionally it will present a selection of artists and will unfold proposals of what intersects along the east/west trajectory based on the already started dialogues at the eastern point. Within this the project strives to make a more physical bond between the continental linear directions, its psycho-geographic potentiality and a bridge less faible, built upon sharing, discussion and exchange. Æther Haga will be programming irregular and shares its digital platform with Æther Sofia. Follow their Facebook page to stay updated.

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