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  • 13/05/2021 • 30/05/2021

    Expo Wil van Blokland & Herman van de Poll

    The desire for contact, even stronger in this covid year, and the antimicrobial effects of the metal copper, led Wil van Blokland (NL 1954) to a series of work: CONNECTING WITH COPPER in the form of copper wire, copper luster, copper glazes, copper rod, copper plate, copper mesh, copper tube. Copper has been connecting electricity, telephony, etc. for more than a century. CONNECTION is the theme of her work. Connection has been her theme since her graduation at the academy.

    This year Herman van de Poll is celebrating his 20th year as a professional visual artist. Herman (NL, 1952) is originally trained as a graphic artist. After several courses, included Academy Minerva in Groningen, he concentrated on his paintings. Herman is makes mainly compositions with mathematical forms based on chaos theory. In his current series geoChao he leaves triangles and circles away and focuses on the squares and the relationships between the squares.

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