Das Leben am Haverkamp

  • 27/05/2022 •

    Trying to get grip on the situation - Ton Zwerver en Das Leben am Haverkamp

    As an experiment of collective making, Das Leben am Haverkamp invites Ton Zwerver to create a series of temporary costumes. Using the collective’s body of work, unfinished prototypes and left-overs as resources, Zwerver creates cinematic scenes as part of his ongoing series Sculptural Situations.

About Das Leben am Haverkamp

Das Leben am Haverkamp is a collective formed by Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker, Gino Anthonisse and Anouk van Klaveren. Together they speak and discuss the current state of affairs of something we delightfully – but often problematically – call art. In their studio space – a former gallery space – the collective creates a platform for like-minded artists to explore their shared interests: transformation, costumes, daily rituals and alter egos.

Stille Veerkade 19
2512BE Den Haag