Das Leben am Haverkamp

  • 26/05/2023 • 04/06/2023

    Nails - Pauline Oosterhoff, Dang-Vu Dang

    The Das Leben am Haverkamp studio will be transformed into a temporary nail salon! In collaboration with local nail artists, social scientist and artist Pauline Oosterhoff researches the charged relationship between the beauty industry and migration.

About Das Leben am Haverkamp

Das Leben am Haverkamp is a collective formed by Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker, Gino Anthonisse and Anouk van Klaveren. Together they speak and discuss the current state of affairs of something we delightfully – but often problematically – call art. In their studio space – a former gallery space – the collective creates a platform for like-minded artists to explore their shared interests: transformation, costumes, daily rituals and alter egos.

Stille Veerkade 19
2512BE Den Haag