Galerie Sophie

  • 25/11/2022 • 18/12/2022

    Duo expo with Isabelle Backer en Rob Blok

    ‘Lucid skies & botanical murmur’ by Isabelle Backer.

    Photographic work from two new series. Images of skies and plants. You disappear into a lucid dream world. It is on a border, in the twilight zone of what is real and what is not real. Where are you, what do you see, and how do you experience what you see. Can you disappear into reality so that it looks like a dream world, yet is real? And where are you then?

    ’Just wandering’ by Rob Blok.

    Trying to catch the feeling of wandering in the woods. It is an investigation to capture the sensation and complexity of the forest in charcoal, in order to broaden the view.

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