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  • 09/09/2022 • 06/11/2022

    Expositie Prelude

    Underworld – Ilse Versluijs, een reis in lithografie, brekend door het wateroppervlak.

    The Prelude exhibition shows designs, sketches and experiments by artists from The Hague who worked for a period in the Grafische Werkplaats in The Palace at the request of the Escher Museum.

    They screen-printed, etched, lithographed or used graphics in an unconventional way. They did this on the basis of the theme of Royal Encounters. In honor of the 2022 Graphic Triennial, Escher invited ten artists from The Hague to take inspiration from Lange Voorhout Palace and its main resident, Queen Mother Emma. The selected artists normally create work from a variety of disciplines, from large architectural installations to photography. In this exhibition they are challenged to step outside their comfort zone by creating new printwork.

    The final works of art can be seen in the exhibition Koninklijke Ontmoetingen in the museum. The Grafische Werkplaats explains the quest of the artists by showing the preliminary studies, with which they arrived at their final work of art.

    Prelude is a collaboration with museum Escher in Het Paleis.

    Underworld- Ilse Versluijs

    (a journey in lithography, breaking through the water surface)

    After a year of study (and lots and lots of printing) to enhance the knowledge of and experimenting with lithography Ilse Versluijs now presents ‘Underworld’ at the Grafische Werkplaats.

    The lithographic prints show reflexions of trees on the water surface over images of the world below the surface. The water surface is a membrane between above and below; reflecting and transparent, but also distorting and cloaking. 

    There has been a lot of experimenting with different carriers and working in layers and therefor all the prints of a series are different.

    Special thanks to The Fonds Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Jurjen Ravenhorst & the Grafische Werkplaats.

    • Koninklijke ontmoetingen in het Escher museum

About Grafische Werkplaats

De Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag  is a production workshop for visual artists, graphic artists, photographers and designers. The Werkplaats is known for being one of the few places in the Netherlands with facilities for large format screen printing, lithography, etching, relief printing and textile printing. The Werkplaats regularly organizes workshops, exhibitions and special projects.

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