Nest in Laak

  • 24/05/2024 • 16/06/2024

    The Singing Parliament - Henk Schut

    Afterparty location!

    Henk Schut (1957) is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist whose ideas stem from asking questions and investigating environments, communities, historical events, and current affairs. For The Singing Parliament, Schut created a layered landscape of 150 autonomous speakers, the same number as there are seats in the Second Chamber. These 150 different voices and sounds create a continuous series of soundscapes where one can walk through, sit in, or lie down in. The exhibition was realized in collaboration with iii.

About Nest in Laak

Nest is a contemporary art platform with a large exhibition¬ space. Nest is housed in the DCR, a creative incubator, together with over 35 artists and designers and three cultural organisations.Exhibitions at Nest focus on specific themes which are being investigated through the work of local, national and international artists. Nest projects not only look at the artist and his or her work, but also pay attention to the role of artists and artworks within their social and functional context in society.

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