• 10/03/2023 •

    The Grand Palace of Everyone

    Welcome to The Grand Palace of Everyone, a land without borders where collaboration reigns. Together with No Limits! Art Castle (formerly known as Outsiderland) we tear down the walls between fantasy and reality, art and design, and ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ artists. Why would anyone decide who is ‘professional enough’ to enter the gates?

    The Grand Palace of Everyone rolls out a black and white carpet for the work of over sixty artists in 26 unique collaborations between talented and dedicated artists. Side by side they find their way in the art world and present a broad scope of collaborations in every nook and cranny of Nest. Never before have so many artists shared the space in one exhibition.

    Featuring: Jacquelien Gosschalk de Leeuw & Carmen Schabracq, Youssef Boucenna & Susan Kooi, Mette Sterre & Jonathan de Regte, Nina666 & Martine Derks & Marijn Abel, Alex Naber & Chelseaboy, Saman Khosgbari, Jana Romanova & Ewa Kruttova, Aàdesokan & Yasmine, Renske de Greef & Jacqueline Loeve, Rik Laging & Anemoon Fokkinga, Shani Leseman & Iris Luijkenaar, Tommy Smits & Laurens Gabriël, Cengiz Imamdi & Wieger Windhorst, Mohamed Dari & Salim Bayri, Piet Parra & Ben Augustus, Bruin Parry, Kenza Taleb & Saaber Bachir & Marie Bodson, Theater Lebelle & Duran Lantink, Joey Bocciardo & Fenna Miedema & Nancy Keizer &  Jessica van Halteren & Georgy Dendoe & Tirino Yspol, Rudy de Gruyl & Benedikt Fischer, Bas Kosters & Ayse Somuncu, Patta & Desmond Tjon A Koy & Regilio Benjamin, Bonne Suits & Sjitse Keur & Norbert de Jong & Alexxx & Hans Klastat & Minke de Fonkert & Antoine Monod de Froideville & Brenda van Vliet.

About Nest

Nest is a contemporary art platform with a large exhibition¬ space. Nest is housed in the DCR, a creative incubator, together with over 35 artists and designers and three cultural organisations.Exhibitions at Nest focus on specific themes which are being investigated through the work of local, national and international artists. Nest projects not only look at the artist and his or her work, but also pay attention to the role of artists and artworks within their social and functional context in society.

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag