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  • 05/03/2021 •

    A Picture, A Thousand Words, Barbara Bloom

    Page Not Found proposes a poetic close-up into one of their favourite publications: “A Picture, A Thousand Words” by Barbara Bloom. The book was published on the occasion of Bloom’s exhibition at David Lewis Gallery in 2017.  The inspiration comes from a Roberto Bolaño short story, called “Labyrinth”. The story consists of  Bolaño’s meandering and speculative extrapolations upon an anonymous photograph of eight French intellectuals seated at a cafe table: Jacques Henric, Philippe Sollers, Julia Kristeva, Pierre Gyotat  and Marc Devade. Bolaño tells in detail, what we can learn, or imagine we can learn about their marital and extramarital relationships. A picture. A thousand words. Barbara Bloom likewise extrapolates from fragmentary evidence and discusses a mystical selection of seven photographs.


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