PIP Expo

  • 04/03/2022 •

    The Set - Cathleen Owens & Katerina Sidorova

    The Set’ is a duo presentation by Cathleen Owens and Katerina Sidorova. For the occasion of PIP Expo, the two artists work collaboratively touching upon the notions of intimacy, connectivity, agency, and empowerment. Cathleen’s performance without space is to be streamed within a set created by Katerina.

    For the evening of PIP Expo both artists would step aside allowing Nikole Etherium, a speculative character created by Owens, to take the lead. Nikole is a take-herself-seriously corporate shark who instructs and demonstrates a societally adopted recipe for success. As an empowered and empowering consultant, she is also fighting (and at times underlining) the stereotypes of women in positions of power.

    The audience can experience the full set and performance in situ as well as by tuning in to a live stream at  twitch.tv/youruntappedpotential or here on the Hoogtij website.

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