Projektruimte WEST END

  • 24/09/2021 • 30/10/2021

    Interstices in MAtter - Ildikó Horváth

    Dividing Moments - Angeline Dekker

    Two exhibitions in one building:

    Interstices in MAtter – Ildikó Horváth

    Exhibition opening with consecutive dance performance by Guido Dutilh.

    Online film dans:  Aya Misaki en Teresa Royo

    Within the work series Interstices in MAtter, Ildikó explores further how tactile materials and sound construct spatial perception and feelings. By working with vibrations, for example, she addresses their physical connections. Furthermore, she is looking for a more abstract relationship between solid materials and sound, aiming to address the temporality of space through the changing character of the two.

    ELEVATOR SPACES: Dividing Moments – Angeline Dekker

    Dividing Moments is a site specific work made in the two original elevator spaces in de Spanjaardshof building. Her work aims to evoke and make the tension visible between these two different spaces; one above the other.

    Angeline Dekker uses architectural constructions to make inner structures visible and tangible, in which both the monumental and the unstable are present at the same time. She uses De Spanjaardshof with its stairs, corridors and rooms as a brain with nerve pathways and clusters where experiences and memories are stored in the physical body.


About Projektruimte WEST END

WEST END has been a project-space in the Spanjaardshof, on Westeinde 58 in the centre of the Hague since 2017. The Spanjaardshof is an artist run, non for profit- building since the early 80’s. Originally squatted by a group of local artists, KABK students and artisans, it offers space to about 40 people. WEST END project-space consists of 2 spaces that can be seen from the street. It aims to always show work that can be clearly viewed from the outside. It also aims to show a-typical combinations of art and artists. Mixing media, different generations of artists, but also showing contemporary dance during HOOGTIJ.

Westeinde 58
2512HE Den Haag