Projektruimte WEST END

  • 23/11/2023 • 02/01/2024

    BLACK ON WHITE - Dimitrios Xanthopoulos

    Never-before-seen ink drawings, which, in addition to his colorful oeuvre, reveal a world full of emotions, duality and symbolism. Discover the power of black on white, and gain a unique insight into the thoughts and life of the artist.

About Projektruimte WEST END

WEST END has been a project-space in the Spanjaardshof, on Westeinde 58 in the centre of the Hague since 2017. The Spanjaardshof is an artist run, non for profit- building since the early 80’s. Originally squatted by a group of local artists, KABK students and artisans, it offers space to about 40 people. WEST END project-space consists of 2 spaces that can be seen from the street. It aims to always show work that can be clearly viewed from the outside. It also aims to show a-typical combinations of art and artists. Mixing media, different generations of artists, but also showing contemporary dance during HOOGTIJ.

Westeinde 58
2512HE Den Haag