• 24/05/2019 •

    Forever is composed of nows

    of Jos van den Berg, Piet Gispen, Lia Harkes, Lisette Huizenga, Geer Huybers, Ferial Kheradpicheh, Kim Kroes, Dana LaMonda, Frederick Linck, Annemarie Petri, Ingrid Rollema, Dick Stapel en Cees van Rutten

    The title is inspired by a poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), in which the experience of the now is regarded as the basis for the future. The two exhibition rooms are divided into a view of the past (1989) and the present (2019), whereby new work that has been made especially for this exhibition will be shown. ​(curator: Froukje Zandvliet)

    Other exhibitions:

    Fernando Valdiviezo – Claustrofilia
    Tuingalerie | 17 mei t/m 11 juni 2019

    The Embassy of Guatemala presents with the exhibition “Claustrofilia” the work of artis Fernando Valdiviezo.

    Philip van Helsdingen – Moving Abstraction
    Voorhoutgalerie | 18 mei t/m 11 juni 2019

    Philip van Helsdingen has a fascination for beauty and strength of shape and movement from an early age. In his works of art, Van Helsdingen explores the freedom and creative expression of movement through abstract, almost mathematical forms and color planes that evoke memories of cubism. This abstract art movement was at the basis of the development of his unique, own style. His work shows his curiosity for power, energy and expressive freedom of humans and animals.

    Fredy E. Wubben – Verwondering over ons bestaan is mijn drijfveer
    Hardenbergzaal | 3 mei  t/m 26 mei 2019

    The existence of our “being” continues to concern Fredy. Why are we here? How can she get a grip on life and death? Where does this road go to? Will there ever come a time when we will fathom the existence, origin and decay of life? Does life begin when it ends?

    Marijke Gémessy en Pien Hazenberg – Getroffen
    Weissenbruchzaal | 3 mei  t/m 26 mei 2019

    What happens in society is being noticed by Marijke Gémessy and Pien Hazenberg, two iconic artists. Current events are the central topic of their work. Pien Hazenberg draws portraits, Marijke Gémessy draws her attention to the pangolin, an animal that will soon be extinct and nobody has known.

    Afifa Aleiby – Re-existentie
    Mesdagzaal | 3 mei t/m 26 mei 2019

    Behind the work of Afifa Aleiby lies a dramatic personal history from her early Years in Iraq, her studies in Moscow and the later years of forced exile. This personal history brings us to a passion for shapes, figures and storylines, where all elements serve in a complex visual drama that refers to social and political regimes and transcultural conflicts.


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