Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives

  • 16/05/2024 • 24/05/2024

    The Queer Geobacter

    Quartair presents the second edition of Queer Leiden University’s exhibition, titled “The Queer Geobacter”, where twelve queer artists explore this year’s theme through various mediums.  The Geobacter, which the exhibition’s title derives from, is a microbial species that has evolved to be able to digest toxic waste in radioactive environments. QLU proposes a metaphorical approach to this exchange to encourage conversations about how practices of consumption relate to queer survival. Exploring the concept of the queer Geobacter to think about how queer people can learn to adapt, digest and find substance and fullness amidst difficult conditions or in situations of political dyspepsia. With this exhibition, QLU aims to honour the resilience of queer communities under difficult circumstances, while highlighting the internal processes of queer survival. By drawing inspiration from the remarkable adaptability of the Geobacter, QLU invites to explore the complexities of queer resistance and adaptability in the face of societal oppression.

    Showcasing diverse mixed-media artworks by queer artists from various backgrounds, the exhibition features thought-provoking discussions to amplify queer voices, explore the nuanced aspects of reclaiming space, and platform the diverse experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer Leiden University – QLU creates a safe and inclusive space for the queer community. Its mission is to support young queer artists, celebrating their coming together and the beginning of the journey in bringing queer art and queer narratives into the renown art space that has long been dominated by cis-heteronormative groups.

About Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives

Quartair Contemporary art Initiatives. Quartair is run by artists providing a platform for production, presentation and artistic debate. Quartair pursues cooperation and international exchanges with other international artists-run-spaces, collectives, guest-curators and non profit initiatives seeking to realize a specific cultural project. Quartair was founded in 1992 and is located in the former bread factory (Broodfabriek) at the Toussaintkade 55.

Toussaintkade 55
(door de poort)
2513 CL Den Haag