Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.

  • 06/11/2021 • 27/11/2021

    Case Study: The Corporate Stoner

    “Case Study: The Corporate Stoner” is a research-based project which explores the spectrum of artistic autonomy.

    With works by: Rinella Alfonso, Vitaly Bezpalov, Daniele Formica, Bernie Autsema, Bernhard Hotaschke, Myrofora Kachrimanidou, Karin Kytogangas, Nandi Loaf, Narges Mohammadi + Bernie Autsema, Christian Roncea, Tommy Smits, Ryan Trecartin, Daniel van Straalen, Suyoung Yang

    Curated by Christian Roncea

About Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.

Quartair Contemporary art Initiatives. Quartair is run by artists providing a platform for production, presentation and artistic debate. Quartair pursues cooperation and international exchanges with other international artists-run-spaces, collectives, guest-curators and non profit initiatives seeking to realize a specific cultural project. Quartair was founded in 1992 and is located in the former bread factory (Broodfabriek) at the Toussaintkade 55.

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