Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.

  • 10/03/2023 •

    Weird Angles

    RadioTonka with DJ’s dsrpturs, Dj Margarita, 4/4 and Robber

    AudioVisual installation/performance by Zethera Elektrika at 19.30, 21.00 and 22.30 hour

    Exhibition: Weird Angles with work from o.a. Gerco de Ruiter and Thom Vink

About Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.

Quartair Contemporary art Initiatives. Quartair is run by artists providing a platform for production, presentation and artistic debate. Quartair pursues cooperation and international exchanges with other international artists-run-spaces, collectives, guest-curators and non profit initiatives seeking to realize a specific cultural project. Quartair was founded in 1992 and is located in the former bread factory (Broodfabriek) at the Toussaintkade 55.

Toussaintkade 55
(door de poort)
2513 CL Den Haag