• 24/09/2021 •

    FROM ONE HOTEL TO ANOTHER - Natasja van Kampen

    If you consider an oriental carpet and you think of the drought in that region, it is not surprising that a living garden with a lot of flora and fauna is the symbol of paradise.  Thus, traditionally, floral patterns have been a common theme in carpets both religiously and culturally. The colours, the organic shapes and the muffling of the sound do something to your mood. Until recently, I regularly drew large round conference tables at which men in power would decide the next war they want us to plunge into. Usually I left out the background or gave the background a bright color so that the conference table with the men around it became a clear object. What I often noticed when researching conference tables is the background of floral carpets. If you pay attention, many hotel lobbies and conference rooms are covered with flower carpet. Whenever I enter a hotel, I notice the hushed atmosphere and the distracting splendor of the carpet, and I can’t help but think of a mafia movie settlement or a mysterious political meeting; has something just happened here or is something about to happen? The empty seats and the carpet do not reveal their secret.

About Ruimtevaart

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