The Balcony

  • 25/11/2022 • 25/02/2023

    The Promise of Ruin(s), Chapter three: From Dust till Dawn - Frank Halmans, Wouter Huis & Daisy Madden-Wells

    Dust is often seen as dirt, an unwanted sign of passing time, a contamination of boredom and decay upon the world of the living.

    With the third chapter of The Balcony’s inaugural program The Promise of Ruin(s), the attention shifts on the domestic space that, far from being a haven, is not exempt from the grip of capitalism. From vacuum cleaners to vinyl players, kitsch and decorations are a mirror of ourselves and our identity, free subjects in the free market. Kitsch and dust overlap, dust is the added value of time upon matter, where “faded dreams and touch intersect”.

About The Balcony

The Balcony is a self-funded multi-headed artist-run space established in 2018. The Balcony curates exhibitions in The Hague, The Netherlands and abroad – supporting upcoming practices and collaborating with like-minded initiatives. The Balcony is curated by Arthur Cordier (BE) & Valentino Russo (IT) in conversation with artists Harriet Rose Morley (UK) and Flaviu Cacoveanu (RO).

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