The Balcony

  • 24/05/2024 •

    Book launch – Art Au Centre

    Art au Centre is a project taking place three times a year in the city centre of Liège, Belgium. Over the past 4 years, Art Au Centre has turned more than 300 shop windows and empty commercial units into spaces for contemporary art. The project works at supporting artistic production, international exchange and allowing art to reach the widest possible audience – in other words to offer visitors an artistic journey through the city. The Balcony and Art Au Centre collaborate since 2020 at building artistic connections between The Netherlands, Belgium and Wallonia in particular. During Hoogtij, Art Au Centre will launch its second catalogue, of the last 7 editions, and an overview of 180 participating artists.

    The catalogue includes works by Netherland-based artists Sanne Kabalt, Daisy Madden-Wells, Ariane Toussaint, Georgie Brinkman, Marnix van Uum, Agathe Gabrielle Delaite, Anouk van Klaveren, Jesse Siegel, Elisa Piazzi, Tom Putman, Alvaro Ugarte, Alexander Webber & Céline Hurka, Wouter van der Giessen, Cristina Lavosi, Sonia Mangiapane, Jeannette Slütter and Bo Stokkermans.

About The Balcony

The Balcony is an exhibition and curatorial platform based in The Hague, founded in 2018 by Arthur Cordier & Valentino Russo. The Balcony curates exhibitions supporting the presentation of upcoming practices with a focus on alternative formats of display, keen on collaborations and often unconventional locations. Starting 2023 The Balcony is initiated by Arthur Cordier (BE), Valentino Russo (IT), Abril Cisneros (ES/MX), Mari Kolcheva (BG) and Ariane Toussaint (FR/ES).

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