The Balcony

  • 07/09/2019 • 01/10/2019

    On Spam, Comment Spam #67 by Niels Post

    The internet from then in the Herenstraat of today. Hand-sawn poplar plywood and stain.

    The practice of Rotterdam-based artist Niels Post plays with the boundaries of internet spams and the pollution of visual communication in urban spaces. Niels develops works in a humorous yet critical way, in which collected sentences from business proposals sent by email to the artist himself are translated into physical and imposing cutouts. As a result, Niels Post’s site-specific installation at The Balcony in the center of The Hague results in a slightly awkward and delicately self-conscious intervention.

About The Balcony

The Balcony is a vitrine exhibition space initiated by Arthur Cordier and Matthew James Lanning, with Ioana Ciora and Valentino Russo.

Herenstraat 14
2511 EA Den Haag