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  • 24/09/2021 •

    fold II. on Commons -Tudor Bratu en Willem de Haan

    fold II. on Commons is a series of presentations by Tudor Bratu and Willem de Haan, hosted by The Balcony (part I) and SEA Foundation (part II).

    Part I. – The Balcony, The Hague

    opening 24.09

    From the Archives of Lawrence W. Albin

    London 1893 – Dresden 2019

    Chapter 3: Doubt

    Tudor Bratu’s practice focuses on projects that interweave documented stories of contemporary migration with the artist’s own family history, archival footage and data, and post-documentary photography. Presentations often involve working with scale models, slide projection narratives, and printed matter, and expand on an ongoing research of an ethical responsibility, which stands at the heart of global emergencies today.

    Willem de Haan’s practice involves sculptures and contextually-specific interventions that simultaneously jam, hack or parasite the conventional readings of public space. In the context ofthe exhibition he proposes a re-actualization of ‘Flatmates on the beach’ questioning the ideas of belonging and ownership.

    Part II. – SEA Foundation, Tilburg

    unfolding between October and November


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The Balcony is a self-funded multi-headed artist-run space established in 2018. The Balcony curates exhibitions in The Hague, The Netherlands and abroad – supporting upcoming practices and collaborating with like-minded initiatives. The Balcony is curated by Arthur Cordier (BE) & Valentino Russo (IT) in conversation with artists Harriet Rose Morley (UK) and Flaviu Cacoveanu (RO).

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