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  • 05/03/2021 •

    InsideOutsideIn, Thijs Jaeger


    Thijs Jaeger: InsideOutsideIn

    Especially for Hoogtij #64 Thijs Jaeger has created new work. With a compulsively atmospheric soundtrack, he drags the listener into his completely unexpected playlist. By linking music fragments and a meditative video, the artist creates a ritual for himself. For him, collecting analog music on vinyl records combined with digital music offers an escape from lockdown. The working method reflects his previous work, in which the search for a new visual language and a fascination with the obscure takes shape in a contemporary myth. For this occasion Jaeger shares his personal ritual, the ‘healing’, with the listener/viewer of Hoogtij.


    Cesare Pietroiusti: A variable number of things

    In the ‘corner offices’ Pietroiusti shows a variety of early works and ‘artworks to be ashamed of’ to works that have never been shown or are new.


    regor Schneider: Tote Räume

    Acknowledged as a groundbreaking artistic proposition, Schneider’s work can be regarded also as prophetic in a time of mandatory social distancing since it is based on mechanisms of physical isolation.

    Agnes Mezosi: Brutalist Marcel Breuer
    Agnes Mezosi has dedicated herself to capturing the work of Marcel Breuer. Her style is minimalist and almost abstract. The strong images are, just like the work of Breuer, timeless.

    Alphabetum VII: Writing Writing

    Writing Writing is an exhibition of new work by five graphic designers who operate in multiple and simultaneous modes of creative productions.


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