Contemporary Art Tour The Hague
Fr. 27 November 2020
Online edition: www.hoogtij.net
From 7 PM

On Friday 27 November you can visit Hoogtij online from 7 p.m. Each participant makes a film especially for this evening, which can be viewed via: www.hoogtij.net.

Virtual tours
Online tour with guide (free, reservations can be made until Thu. 26 Nov. via info@hoogtij.net).

Extra online talkshow: Marie Jeanne de Rooij interviews Cathy Jacob. Due to a technical malfunction, the talk show will not be online until later in the evening (and will be online until the end of the year).

Participants:   …ism project space, Æther Haga, Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Grafische Werkplaats,  Heden,  Helena,  HOK gallery,  Maldoror Galerie, Nest, Parts Project, Projektruimte West end, Quartair, Refunc, Ruimtevaart, Satelliet expositie: Maakhaven, Glerie Sophie, The Balcony, TV04,  West Den Haag

Hoogtij#63 27 Nov. 2020
Hoogtij#64 5 March 2021
Hoogtij#65 28 May 2021

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