Contemporary Art Tour The Hague
Fr. 24 Sept. 7-11 PM

During HOOGTIJ you can visit more than 20 art locations in the inner-city of The Hague: from white cube to underground; from established art in galleries and institutions to installations and performances in artists initiatives. Free entrance. HOOGTIJ will be adapted to possible covid measures and if necessary.

Opening: 18.30- 19.00 u.: SinArts Gallery + Bon Fine Art (Korte Vijverberg 2). Sin Arts Gallery en Bos Fine art are housing in one of ANNA’s Kiss & Ride locations, made possible by ANNA Vastgoed & Cultuur.

The tours are starting here. Look here for the English tours and here for the Dutch ones.

End Destination also later than 23.00 u.: PIP

Participants: 1646, ….ism project space, Æther Haga, Billytown, Bos Fine Art, Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Galerie Sophie, Grafische Werkplaats, Heden, HOK Gallery, Maldoror, Nest, Page Not Found, Parts Project, Projektruimte WEST END, Quartair, Refunc, Ruimtevaart , SinArts Gallery, Sis Josip Galery, The Balcony, The Grey Space, West Den Haag, PIP Expo.

HOOGTIJ#66 24 September 2021
HOOGTIJ#67 26 November 2021
HOOGTIJ#68 4 March 2022
HOOGTIJ#69 27 May 2022

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